OSV Innovation Challenge

 The Innovation Challenge

Blaze a trail. Leave a legacy.


The Projects

Defy the status quo.

We are looking for innovative project ideas that you’re determined to unleash in the world. Emphasis on the word idea. Bring us your restaurant napkin sketches. Bring your late-night brainstorms, your pipe dreams and unfinished thoughts, even your up-and-running businesses that need a little help getting further off the ground. We want it all.

The contest and prize can help turn your ideas into reality or launch ongoing projects to new heights.

About the Projects



Make it real.

The idea you submit should hold deep meaning for you. Your passions matter; so does your empathy for the project’s audience. These innovations aren’t simply for the sake of human progress, but because God has inspired and equipped you for a specific mission.

Blaze new trails.

In broadest terms, projects may be artistic endeavors, business ventures, ministry models, physical products, or community and charitable initiatives. But these are just suggested categories; feel free to break new ground with your pioneering idea.

Leave a legacy.

It doesn’t have to be religious in nature, but your project should create a meaningful, positive influence in the Church and the world. The prize —$100,000— dictates the scope of the ideas we’re looking for: ambitious, interesting projects that will put the entire prize to purposeful use.


The PrizE

Making visions a reality.

We will be giving three people $100,000 each to bring new projects into existence or to accelerate and widen the scope of ongoing projects. The prize will be granted as direct capital to support project completion.

Up to $25,000 of the prize may be used for professional development services such as mentorship and education; the exact amount of development capital will be determined in collaboration with Innovation Challenge staff.

We will work with prize recipients throughout the year to bring their vision to life — and to help it create a sustainable, meaningful impact for years to come.


The People

You are inspired pioneers.

We aren’t just looking to fund projects; we want to invest in people — emerging innovators, seasoned trailblazers, and saints-in-progress.

Our evaluation metrics come from our central values. Your ideas matter, but so do you. We emphasize grit over perfection. We seek long-term impact over short-term success. We empower curious, passionate creators.

Most of all, we work with people who have heard the call from God to create a better world.


Take Up Your MissioN



Get centered.

With Christ as the source and summit of your creativity, draw your inspiration from His vision for the world. Stay centered in your identity as a child of God so you can live humbly and incarnate transcendent truths.

Dare to grow.

Never, never, never, never stop. Learn constantly. Challenge yourself. Buck the status quo. Engage in the refining process of hearing truth, then invest in the gifts you’ve been given and multiply your abilities.

Carry the torch.

Become a sustainable, grounded creator who multiplies the cycle of innovation. Generously share your knowledge and dare to strive for a Church that offers love, wonder, and empathy to a world with dead eyes.


The Innovation Challenge



August 5, 2019

Applications Open

You will be able to submit your Round 1 application, which includes a project description, personal background, and contact information. You will also include information on your organization or team if you’re applying as a group. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and applicants will be notified by email of their application status.


September 2, 2019

Prelims Begin

If your project is selected to move to the second round, you will be asked to submit a video, a few more short answer questions, and a business plan for your project. These requirements will be communicated in acceptance emails. Acceptance to Prelims will happen on a rolling basis, depending upon the time of your Round 1 application submission.


December 1, 2019

Applications Close

This is the last day to enter the contest. Later entry to the contest will constitute less time to complete the Prelim requirements. Selected applicants will be notified by December 8, 2019.


December 15, 2019

Prelims Close

Applicants passed through from Round 1 will submit their Prelim requirements.


January 6, 2020

Semifinalists Announced

Semifinalists will be notified. This small pool of innovators will begin a series of challenges that will hone their project idea through one-on-one mentorship, including pitch consultations and a crowdfunding effort. All requirements will be communicated in emails. Semifinals will run until March 1, 2020.


March 9, 2020

Finalists Announced

Five finalists will be announced. They will begin preparing presentations for the CC Summit.


April 30, 2020

Catholic Creatives Summit Finalist Presentations

Finalists will present their ideas to a panel of peers and judges at the CC Summit. These presentations will allow contestants to gain exposure to leaders in the Catholic Creatives community, connecting finalists with other innovators who can help bring their projects to fruition.


May 2020

Prize Winners Announced and Project Year Begins

Three prize winners will begin bringing their project to life with mentorship and professional support.


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