OSV Innovation Challenge

 About Us



Our Why

We discover and raise up inspired pioneers so that, through them and their initiatives, the Church can flourish and the world can encounter Christ’s love.



 partners to spark innovation

Our Sunday Visitor

Our Sunday Visitor’s mission is to serve the Church and bring the faith to life. OSV was founded by Father John Noll in 1912. A publishing house and offertory solutions enterprise, OSV also funds Catholic organizations throughout the country through the OSV Institute. Learn more here.


Catholic Creatives

Catholic Creatives seeks to set creatives free so they can unleash a new renaissance in the world. CC hosts a home for creatives through an online community, in-person events, and digital resources. Various regional locations around the U.S. will be hosting events soon. Check here for details.


Our Values

Get Centered

Make It Real

We don’t innovate just for the sake of human progress, but because God has inspired us for our own specific mission. Our hearts break for a wounded world that desperately needs the incarnated love of God. We fix our eyes on Heaven and stop at nothing to make that vision real.

Stay Humble

Our Sunday Visitor and Catholic Creatives have teamed up to support inventors, artists, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and anyone ready to unleash an innovative, inspired initiative into the Church and the world.

Dare to Grow

Never Settle

We are lifelong learners hungry for excellence. We seek out new trails to blaze and new ideas to develop. Stagnation and status quo are not options: life is short and the stakes are high.

Trust the Process

The gifts God gives us are not fixed assets but dynamic qualities that grow with investment. We embrace challenges, take risks, and fail boldly. We engage in the process that leads to growth.

Speak the Truth, Hear the Truth

We believe that the truth, spoken in love, guides us towards inner wholeness, true maturity, and consistent excellence. Though it is sometimes painful and always vulnerable, truth centers us in reality, which is the starting point for a deeper life.

Carry the Torch

You are the Product

Even the most groundbreaking projects are passing. Only souls are eternal. That’s why we focus on developing into sustainable, mature innovators. We affirm the extraordinary worth of each life — not for what you can produce, but for who you are and can become.

Leave a Legacy.

We commit to breaking ground for other trailblazers. Rather than fighting for competitive advantage, we share our knowledge and build up fellow pioneers. We strive to leave a legacy that catalyzes an innovative Church, incarnating truth in a world that desperately needs it.


Join a Generation of

Innovative Saints.

Applications open on August 5 and close on December 1, 2019 at 11:59pm PST. The earlier you submit, the sooner you can gain acceptance to the next round.